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Peggy Monaghan - Acoustic Artist

Peggy Monaghan began her career playing the San Francisco club scene in 1980. Her shows encompass a wide diversity of material, ranging from beautiful Irish classics to new folk. Her experience and knowledge of performance and production have made her a much sought-after participant and producer in productions from San Francisco to Anchorage.

Raised in Alaska, Peggy currently teaches voice in Anchorage. She has been the coordinator and producer of the Alaska Song of the year Contest, a founding member of the Irish Music Festival and Turnagain Community Arts Alliance, and an advisory member of the Board of Directors for Alaska Theater of Youth. An award winning artists,her crowning achievement may be that she is a founding member of that cult phenomenon The Derry Aires. Her 1990 release, Lullabye, on Pacific Artists Records and 1994 release, Seasons of the Witch, on the Arctic Siren Records label have met with local and national acclaim.  Her newest release, Elements and Elementals is a celebration of the four basic elements, Earth, Fire Air and Water. 




For information on studying voice with Peggy call Arctic Siren at (907) 245-7311








Lullaby cover

With her rich voice and melodies that have flowed steadily through the mists of time, Peggy Monaghan has revived a tradition of love in music. In an elegant and unpretentious presentation of soothing music for the family hearth, Peggy uses acoustic guitar, piano, recorder, harp, or simply her inventive vocal arrangements to weave enchantment and peace into a varied tapestry of sound. In this time of renewed interest in the family, Peggy Monaghan is a voice reminding us of our ancient heritage of unconditional love.










Seasons of the Witch - Double CD set

Seasons of the Witch is an evocative, earthy delight honoring the
Goddess through the movement of the seasons. It features the haunting,
powerful music of Peggy Monaghan and her friends, and the poetry of
Goddess movement pioneer, Patricia Monaghan. This is a rich, heady brew
that recalls starlit nights and voices from long ago.

season cover"This album is a
true celebration of the Goddess and God." Miriam Robbins Dexter

Crystalline voices and celestial harmonies rise up and fill the air.
Songs and poems celebrate the nature of Woman, as revealed in the
seasons. These are the faces of the Goddess and the stages of Woman -
Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone. Seasons of the Witch celebrates the
Goddess by honoring the power of creation.

The promise of Spring.
The fulfillment of Summer.
The reflection of Autumn.
The resolution of Winter.

This 2-CD set began as a book of poems, Seasons of the Witch, by
Patricia Monaghan, a pioneering leader in the Goddess movement. Her
sister, Peggy Monaghan, gave this book as gifts to her musician friends
in Alaska and California. The music was spontaneously born from Peggy
and her friends as a response to the power in the poems. Peggy
conceived this project as she heard the musical responses and decided to
produce the original 1994 CD, as well as this new expanded version.
Peggy and friends have written and performed 12 new songs for this 2-CD
set, as well as including spoken word performances of Patricia's

Seasons of the Witch is the result of connections between sisters and
friends, and the inherent power of words and music.

Elements and Elementals - New CD release from Arctic Siren

The Elements.  We consist of them, are defined by them, use them, rail against them , and thrive with and in spite of them.  Earth and Air make tornados.  Water and Fire make steam.  Water and Earth make mud. Water and Air make hurricanes.  Any and all combinations live around and within us.  This project celebrates them in all their forms.

Elements and Elementals cover art


Peggy Monaghan

Peggy Monaghan

With over 30 years of teaching experience, Peggy has trained countless singers in the techniques of good sound production.  But that is just the beginning of what she shares with her students.  She says “Proper vocal technique is just the base.  Students should also come to believe in their own voices and their right and responsibility to use them in the world.  A persons voice is the most powerful instrument for personal and social change they have.  Overcoming the fear of using your voice can be the most challenging and rewarding  journey anyone can undertake.”  Peggy’s work in studios and on local stages, both large and small, showcases the talents of her students and the music community at large.  

Though she grew up in Anchorage, she spent two decades in the San Francisco Bay Area honing her craft as a performer and teacher.  She returned to Anchorage in 1993 and brought with her an investment in the infrastructure of the music community here in Anchorage.  Her company Arctic Siren Productions spearheaded an enrichment of the local arts and culture scene including her work with The Alaska Irish Music Festival, Turnagain Community Arts Alliance, and that cult phenomenon The Derry Aires.  She has offered her services as Cultural Director Irish Club of Alaska, Co-Founder/ Producer and Director of the Alaska Song of the Year Contest ,on site facilitator for the Turnagain Arts Building and many other organizations.  In 2012 she received the distinguished Woman of Achievement Award from YWCA Alaska for her work in eliminating racism and empowering women.

As a Music Producer she has helped many of our local musicians realize their dreams of recording and performing on a professional level.  Her independent record label, Arctic Siren Records, has 15 titles released internationally by local artists including Dr. Maurice Coyle, Kevin Barnett, Kristen Baird Gustafson, and Phillip Price, among others.  Her Arctic Sirens Cabaret series , now in it’s ninth season, has raised over $33,000 for local non profit organizations.