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“Kevin Barnett's Alpenglow delivers over an hour of tasty jazz, with exciting original tunes and

AlpenglowArctic Siren Productions and Lovin’Dog Music announce the release of Alpenglow by Kevin Barnett.  A collection of 13 original instrumental compositions, Alpenglow depicts the many moods and impressions of winter in Alaska.The extraordinarily gifted pianist and composer Kevin Barnett captures them all from the wistful melancholy of a cozy fireplace to the perfect grace of falling snow.  Exploring all styles from jazz to classical, Alpenglow is the perfect instrumental companion for long winter nights no matter where you find yourself.


Pianist Kevin Barnett explores tone poems in Alpenglow.  Tone poems were first created by Franz Liszt in the 1850s. They are musical “illustrations” of scenes and stories. In the 20th Century, composers like Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, George Gershwin, and Duke Ellington wrote and performed these beautiful and evocative “sound paintings.” 


This is a collection of jazz and pop vignettes that portray the varied experiences of winter in Alaska, recalling a wide range of influences from J.S. Bach to Chick Corea. To aid him in this endeavor, Kevin has enlisted the aid of veteran session and jazz musicians, like bassists Dirk Westfall and Ray Booker and percussionists Scott D. Weller and Bob Arms. These are musicians who love to be part of a musical  conversation, sharing ideas, trading lines, and playing with the spaces between the notes. To bring this endeavor to fruition, they enlisted the production wizardry of highly acclaimed producer Peggy Monaghan.  In creating this beautiful and challenging music, everyone was committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and dedicated to creating music of great beauty and subtle power. With Alpenglow, they succeeded.


Kevin Barnett has over 40 years of experience, including 21 years in Air Force bands, as a professional pianist and keyboard player. He is also an experienced and in-demand composer, arranger, and producer working in a variety of musical genres from classical to rock to jazz. Kevin is the owner of Lovin’Dog Music, a recording studio in Eagle River, Alaska, where he lives with his wife, Regina, and their dog, Kaya.


You can find Kevin directly at his website at



“Kevin Barnett's  Alpenglow delivers over an hour of tasty jazz, with  exciting original tunes and exquisite musicianship. It brings to mind the comfortable and seamless style of Vince Guaraldi.  Listeners will delight in the  variety of jazz styles ranging from Latin to swing, and ballad  to waltz .  Kudos to Mr. Barnett on some very tasty tunes.”


-Melissa “Jazzmom” Fischer